Maya Mayhem – Rebirth

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Rebirth (Original Mix)

Maya Mayhem

Moonlight City (Original Mix)

Maya Mayhem

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Maya west coast techno soldier. World traveler, gypsy wild child, denizen of the night. In the 90s she threw seminal parties on the bay in Oakland, California, drawing even the likes of the Chemical Brothers, who were curious to observe the frenetic energy that garnered the undergrounds attention from coast to coast.

Always restless for her next adventure, she brought her sound to the sea-side cliffs of Portugal, hosting events that were precursors to the sun-drenched parties that are now de rigueur for lovers of dance in La Playa del Carmen, Miami, Barcelona, Ibiza.

In 2009, a tragic accident took Mayas life. But, as this release attests, it could not silence her soul.

Somewhat earlier, Maya seized an opportunity to outfit a studio with vintage analogue synthesizers, including a beloved and classic Roland Juno . These gave her productions a vivacious depth… and inspired, or perhaps fed, the creative wave that churned through her life, breaking on rocky beaches of flux; shaping timeless sonic monuments — testaments to life and loves ability to weather even death.

These tracks, born of her renaissance, are now proudly presented by Black Nation Records. They memorialize a crest in Mayas creative flow as DJ and producer. This music is the fruition of Mayas years paying dues behind decks (and in front of speakers) at parties on two continents.

In Mayas owns words: LOVE IS THE PURPOSE!!! Celebrate that purpose with us, and with Maya, on the dance floor.

1. Rebirth (8:06)
2. Moonlight City (6:55)

Chris Duckenfield (Swag) – Sticky! I sincerely hope this is the Kalamazoo imprint I so fondly remember? Deadly

Anil Chawla (Saved) – Quite liking Moonlight City.

Mike Hulme (Lot49 / U&A) – Solid, trippy techno. Thanks for sending.

Colin McBean (Mr G) – nasty groove…………

Ben Sims – Feeling ‘rebirth’, i’ll give it a blast. RIP

Josh Wink (Official Page) (Ovum) – Rebirth is the hypnotic one for me here.

Dicken Lean (Confetti Bomb/OCH (Autoreply, PAL SL) – Many thanks for this – I’m loving Rebirth for those big room moments. Great stuff. OCH.

Paul Boex (Dynamic Reflection) – Cool stuff, will test m out!

Kirk Degiorgio – love Rebirth!

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper) – Super trippy after-hours deliciousness .. fabulous stuff.

Carlo Lio (Rawthentic Music) – cool release


Release: BNR750

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