Mark Quail – 426 Hemi EP

Out on: Black Nation Records


426 Hemi (Original Mix)

Mark Quail

426 Hemi (Dataworx Remix)

Mark Quail, Dataworx

426 Hemi (L.A.W. Remix)

Mark Quail, L.A.W.

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BNR-810-animated-banner-336x300426 Hemi’s buzzing baseline in the Original Mix is a tribute in honour of the 50th anniversary in 2014 of the mind-blowingly powerful Chrysler engine that gave the 70s Dodge Challenger its legendary muscle-car status. Dataworx (Noir, Toolroom), no stranger to the Beatport charts, delivers a darker, more atmospheric take on 426 Hemi’s elements in keeping with his style on recent releases. Rising techno producers and the pride of Northern Ireland, L.A.W. provides a relentlessly driving remix showing why they have become a favorite of techno luminary, Dave Clarke.

1. 426 Hemi (Original Mix) (6:34)
2. 426 Hemi (Dataworx Remix) (5:46)
3. 426 Hemi (L.A.W. Remix) (7:58)

Frank Savio, Dubslide / MOVE Frankfurt, Driving Forces Recordings, Brood Audio, Harthouse – 426 Hemi (L.A.W. remix)!

Espen Lauritzen / Krill Music – L.A.W. for me.

Steve Ward / Kiss FM – Dataworx remix is mad. will support on chameleon radio

and in ze clubz.

Advanced Human (DJ Hi-Shock) / Elektrax / Gynoid Audio / Counter Pulse / Synewave – great variety here, will support all three !

Bryan Zentz / Minus / Thoughtless / Portlandia – nice one Mark!

Patrick Pulsinger (Disko B, R&S) / Cheap – Dataworx remix!!!

Solenoid / Graphene / Belief System – L.A.W. RMX kicks ass

Monomood / Abstract Animal | Shtum | Etui – Dataworx rmx has a cool groove – subbass combination!!!

Gennaro Mastrantonio / Apparel Music – for me(Dataworx remix)! amazing! thank you!!

Pascal Hetzel / Upon You Records – cool… will try the dataworx remix

Mike Grant / Big 50 Entertainment – Not so big into techno these days but i did like the law remix best.

Robert Lamart / Auxiliar / AuxD1 / 8MF – Support! Thx.

Matteo Spedicati / This and That / Amam – Dataworx 4 me!

Liss C. / LC SERIES – Will check it better later, Original sounds good!

Dispar Vulgo / Compound Music – Dat L.A.X. Remix… Insane!!! The other 2 are good, but man that 3rd track…

Mr.Jones / _unsubscribe_/The Public Stand/Mr. Jones – Nice drive in the mix of the L.A.W. sisters,. thanks,.

Yvel & Tristan / Hi!Fly Music – nice release, thx!!

DJ Fra (Nitsa) – Powerful!

Mik Santoro / Ampispazi Recordings, Amazing Records – Dataworx for me thanks!

Ondrej / KUMQUAT – Wow, wow wow, not much to say about, just love this release

Larix / Brainwash, Stereophonic – Original mix is for me. Thanks

Viktoria / Stattbad – L.A.W. remix is nice, thanks

ji@ – good

Nickelle – Nice pack, Dataworx original is my fav. thx

Louk / 24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine, Eat Music FM, Digitally Imported – DI.FM – Oof L.A.W mix for me thanks!

Opuswerk / Plak Records – Original for me. love the twisted edge it has. Thanks!

Andrew Till / Machine – The gritty sounds of the the L.A.W. Remix for me

Celestial Signal / The Underground Society a.ka Underground Events Breda – LAW!!!!

Alessio Mereu / Amam/Poker Flat/Cocoon – original and Dataworx remix for me :-))

Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab) – Original for me. Thanks!!!

SwitchSt(d)ance – Dataworx for me!

Craig McWhinney / Haul Music – L.A.W. remix is excellent, thankyou!

Gel Abril / Be As One – Cool tracks tnx!

Andrew Duke / Andrew Duke In The Mix, WNUR 89.3 FM – Great to have a Mark Quail release.

Axel Karakasis – downloading, thanks!

DJ Paul Mac / Stimulus – LAW mix has a nice apocalyptic vibe going on 🙂

Dj Carlio Lio / Sci+Tec – orig is a beast!!

Douglas Fugazi – Nice tracks!!

2000 And One (100% Pure, Intacto) – L.A.W remix for me , thx

Alex Bau / Credo – will play it loud!

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur, Microfreak) – thanks

Benjamin Damage – thanks

Clark Davis / 3rd Wave Music / Vogelfrei Records / Hamburg – nice bumpin ep….

Ed Davenport (Falkplatz / NRK / Liebe Detail) – L.A.W remix might come in handy !

Nick Morrow / CODE Glasgow – Original mix is best.

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe/Connect Four) – Great release. I’m most into the Dataworx remix! Thanks

Nihil Young (Less Hate / 7th Star) – Proper, love it!

Jean-Patrice Remillard – Lovely to discover Mark’s project!

Dave Tarrida – L.A.W. remix for me

Slam / Soma Records – will road test this weekend

Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) – Dataworx rmx is cool

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – Groovy and funky Datawork mix works for me 🙂

Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music – Really nice Dataworx remix. Thanks!

Marcel Dettmann (MDR/Ostgut-Ton) / Ostgut Ton – thx

Len Faki (Len Series, Berghain) / Ostgut Ton – for good deep moments – datawork remix!

Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series – Original for me! Thanks!

Federico Grazzini / Tenax – Datawork rmx is good for me

Ramon Tapia / Great Stuff – will try

Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) – Dataworx remix is decent. Cheers

John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl) – feeling dataworx and the law remixes

Jamie Behan – LAW remix FTW! Original mix sounding good as well

Billy Johnston / BN / TIC TAC TOE / SLEAZE – Proper EP! All are future… I like the (Original) & (Dataworx RMX) #BN4LIFE

DEAS / Secret Room Records/Deeperfect/Baroque – Dataworx remix is nice !

Flug / CLR / Sleaze / Enemy – L.A.W. did it again good remix girls. Thanks.

Greencross / Different Is Different Records / Slap Jaxx / Home Audio / Parallel 125 – Both original and L.A.W. remix for me. Cheers!

Rolf Mulder / The Public Stand – Backing Lisa and Alice’s remix, these women dont play man… r.

Annie hall / detroit underground – Hemi for me. Thanks

Dakpa / Amam – nice ep

Tony Kasper (BLACK NATION RECORDS, CHICAGO JAXXX, PACKED MUSIC) – All of them work for me. Awesome remixes. Another solid release for BNR.

Mimetic / Mimetic / Electron Festival / Headfun – 426 Hemi the original mix is powerfull. thx

Zuni / Tribal Wavez – Great to see one of my influencing labels back! L.A.W. remix for me Thx

Luca Agnelli / (Etruria Beat, Desolat, Safari, Truesoul) – Dataworx is my fav

Rechulski / Sheik N Beik – Dataworx is nice!

Marc Baker / Baltic.Dub / Deep.Nation – Dataworx remix for me…thx

Lupen Crokan / Science Label, Cuatro Records – 3 tracks are dope for dance floor! Support Thanks

Javier Benitez / From The Other Side – Dataworx remix is great one . full support


Release: BNR810

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