L.A.W. – Nine Spines EP

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Nine Spines


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Echo location has become a cliché in techno, sure, but now think what it was really like when Luke dumped R2D2 into that unforgiving swamp, Degobah muck claiming his nine hundred and nine logic circuits as he continued his quest for luminous beings. All this, despite the carbon-scoring and blaster-death-knell on trench approach only weeks earlier, ala Episdode IV.

Now, multiply that droid rage by a factor of nano/surgical, laser guided percussion subdued by a subcutaneous layer of swing that manifests itself, despite all notions to the contrary, between subliminal beats. You hear it, out there… or do you?

That swamp swing. When you feel it deep, deep down, you’ve arrived.

Call this one a coming out party for the notes that aren’t there. Or a party monster. The drowned sound that bubbles up from between the beat. Listen carefully. There it is.

1. Isola (6:17)
2. Nine Spines (7:43)

Audio Injection / Droid Recordings – Isola for me, should work nicely thanks.

DJ Hyperactive – Isola…! nice.

Detroit Grand Pubahs / EPM – YES! Isola is intense. Nine Spines is a growling monster. Great release. Will chart!

Josh Wink / Ovum Recordings – Nine spines is creepy insane.

DJ Paul Mac / Stimulus – L.A.W. girls deliver again Isola is straight floor mashing business

Alex Bau / Credo – Isola sounds highly functional! thx!

Ness / Dynamic Reflection / Rising Label / Informa Records – Isola moves me ! Thanks!

Doka / Wolfskuil/Balans Records, Gynoid Audio, ON and ON, [in]cognito – Nine Spines… wow! Great dark synth. Going to try it out. Thank you!

Flug / Sleaze Records, Enemy Records, Driving Forces – Really good ep thanks.

Agaric / We Are – Isola is dope

Bryan Zentz / Minus / Thoughtless / Portlandia – Nine spines! nassssty!

Ilario Alicante (Cocoon) – isola for me

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – Isola is some good late night trippyness

DJ Shiva / SUBterror Radio / Gynoid Audio / Different Is Different / Chroma – Damn, “Isola” is some trippy shit. “Nine Spines” is mindfuck central. Nice variation on the L.A.W. sound! Good stuff, my sistas!

Annie hall / detroit underground – Nice spines for me. thanks

Submerge / Impact Mechanics, Mote Evolver – Nice Ep. Good things coming out from L.A.W.

Martyn Hare / Emetic – Nine Spines is proper good.

Solenoid / Graphene / Belief System – great release

Electric Indigo – cool and effective tracks here. isola is my favorite, thanks!

Slam / Soma Records, Slam Radio – cool grooves – well done to the LAWS

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur, Microfreak) – thanks

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) – Isola seems to be the one for me, but Nine Spines could make some serious damages on the dance floor too!

Jonas Kopp / Curle, Deeply Rooted House – thanks.

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) – ‘Isola’ for me at 1st listening, thanks.

Terry Francis / Fabric – isola 4 me

Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music – Cool rawness on Isola, thanks.

Sasha / Renaissance – won’t play but cool stuff

Ben Klock / Ostgut Ton – Isola for me

Marcel Dettmann (MDR/Ostgut-Ton) / Ostgut Ton – thx

Phil Kieran / Cocoon Recordings, Soma Records – Isola sounds big !

The Advent / Labyrinth, Kombination Research – like all tracks L.A.W. are on fire at the moment..

Tony Kasper / (BLACK NATION RECORDS, CHICAGO JAXXX, PACKED MUSIC) – Great to see L.A.W. on Black Nation! Isola is a dirty banger! Well done!

Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series – Nine Spines is my pick!

Arnaud Le Texier / Affin, Bass Culture, Cocoon, Children Of Tomorrow, Syncrophone. – Isola for me.

Xhin / Stroboscopic Artefacts – Will play. Thanks!

Pfirter / Stroboscopic Artefacts, CLR – Isola is a banger!

Music Matters / Pulse Radio – Love this…heavy….

Conversation Recordings – Isola for me. thanks

Ramon Tapia / Great Stuff – dope !!!!

Jon Rundell (Intec) – lovely contrasting 2 tracker, cant decide which i prefer both are really good

Samuel L. Session – Isola will be very useful, a good builder,,,

Craig McWhinney / Haul Music – Isola is the pick for me

Âme – thanks

Mik Santoro / Ampispazi Recordings ( Label Owner ) , Amazing Records ( Music Manager ) – isola is nice but too heavy for my sets

Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records) – nice release will try out

Benjamin Damage – Good

Bruno Sacco / Gravite – Isola is just perfect ! Thanks for promo i will try !

Billy Johnston / BN / TIC TAC TOE / SLEAZE – Totally into the hypnotic feel of “Isola”! Although great synth sounds in “Nine Spines”. Class release from the two beauties of techno!

HORATIO / Natural Rhythm – cool ep

Nickelle – Nice. Isola is my fav.

Andrew Till / Machine – Great Ep … will play this!

Static Plate – Nine Spines for me, thx !

James Mile / Dirty Session Records – Isola for me!

Ryogo Yamamori / Torque – Nine spines is the shit!

Ness / Dynamic Reflection / Rising Label / Informa Records – Isola moves me! Thanks!

Cleric / figure , ARTS – will try isola, cheers

Salvo Castelli / Wet Cellar Records -isola for me thanks!

Electrosexual / Rock Machine Records – support! great release!

Antonio De Angelis / Affin, Syncrophone, BulletDodge Records, Gynoid Audio – nice one thanks ..

Mr.Jones / _unsubscribe_/The Public Stand/Mr. Jones – damn dark ep, sisters,.!

Spear / TWD Records, DarkRose Records, We Trust Records, Herzschlag Schallplatten – Isola 4 me

Stevie Wilson / Naked Lunch, Shout Records, Rewashed LTD, Parallel 125 – Always great stuff from the L.A.W girls Full Support

Luca Agnelli / (Etruria Beat, Desolat, Safari, Truesoul) – cool release , tnx

Xara / Harthouse / STR8 – Nice One!

Frank Savio / MOVE Frankfurt, Driving Forces Recordings – “Nine Spines” rockz!

Paul Brtschitsch / Rootknox – both great, isola my choice

Tommy Four Seven / CLR, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Electric Deluxe – thanks!

Cosmin TRG – I Like Isola, thanks!

John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl) – Isola. Dope.

Rebekah / CLR – Nine Spines is haunting! Nice one!

Viktoria / Stattbad – I like Isola

Nadja Lind / Lucidflow, Soma, Darkroom Dubs – nice. thanks for the vibes

Chris Colburn – Diggin Isola! Cooool!

Static Plate – Nine Spines for me, thx!

James Mile / Dirty Session Records – Isola for me!

Paula Temple – LOVE THIS!

Jo Psarados aka Single Man / White Lab ltd, 1605, New Republik – nice work guys!! thanks for sending!

Jamie Behan – Killer tracks from the girls! Both tracks rock, club play and charting!

Antonio Pepe – Isola 4 me thxz

Santorini / Out-ER, Frozen Border, Krill – isola is a solid techno tool!

Alex Dolby / Affekt – Isola sounds good!

Tadeo – Isola for me!

NX1 – Samot / Modularz / Monnom Black / Grey Report – Isola for me.

Robert Lamart / Auxiliar / AuxD1 / 8MF – Isola! Tnx.

Dakpa / Amam – Isola for me, great tracks.

The Black Dog – Will try.. charted.

Nick Morrow / CODE Glasgow – Sick!

Conversation Recordings – Isola for me. Thanks!


Release: BNR790

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