Klopfer EP Remixes

Out on: Black Nation Records


Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS deception Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, MEANSandENDS

Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS conception Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, MEANSandENDS

Klopfer (Luis Rosario LA Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Luis Rosario

Klopfer (Luis Rosario Detroit Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Luis Rosario

Klopfer (Allan Gallego's LOFT Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Allan Gallego

Klopfer (DJ NOVA Miami Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, DJ Nova (Miami)

Glauben Der Dunkelheit (Tony Kasper Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Tony Kasper

Klopfer (Tony Kasper Remix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Tony Kasper

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Release Date: September 20th, 2016
Artists: Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio
Title: Klopfer EP Remixes
CAT#: BNR830
Remixers: MEANSandENDS, Luis Rosario, Allan Gallego, DJ Nova (Miami), Tony Kasper


1. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS deception Remix) (7:19)
2. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (MEANSandENDS conception Remix) (5:54)
3. Klopfer (Luis Rosario LA Remix) (6:01)
4. Klopfer (Luis Rosario Detroit Remix) (5:42)
5. Klopfer (Allan Gallego’s LOFT Remix) (7:00)
6. Klopfer (DJ NOVA Miami Remix) (6:34)
7. Glauben Der Dunkelheit (Tony Kasper Remix) (5:44)
8. Klopfer (Tony Kasper Remix) (6:01)

John Selway (CSM) / CSM, INTERPULL – lots to try out here.
Slam / Soma Records – thanx
Patrik Skoog / Sample+Hold – Cool tracks, thanks
Danny Tenaglia / Twisted America Records – Thanks!!
Dj Carlio Lio / Rawthentic Music – luis mixes are cool
Raphael Dincsoy / H-Productions, MB Elektronics, Abstract, Lehmann Club – nice
Jamie Stevens / Bedrock, Chameleon Records, Get Physical Music, Sudbeat – MEANSandENDS and Tony Kasper’s remixes for me. Love ’em!
Luigi Madonna / Drumcode – Great music, thx
Madben / Astropolis, Rex club, Trunkline – Luis Rosario detroit remix is my fav here!
Ron Costa / Potobolo / SCI+TEC / Octopus – Great Ep, Thank you.
Arnaud Rebotini / Black Strobe Records – Cool and Groovy i love Meansandends Remixes.
Van Czar / Bonzai Music/KMS Records – Good stuff, all mixes have interesting things. Full support.
Alessan Main / Borobudur Label – thanks!
Andrew Till / Machine, Fnoob – Allan Gallego’s LOFT remix for me!
Lateral / Machine – Great tracks, Tony Kasper Remix of Klopfer and Allan Gallego’s Remix for me! Both stellar tracks.
Matt Heize /Xentrix / Recode Music /ion music – Support!
Stanny Franssen / Primate, Agile, Recode Musik, Girafe Sauvage – Nice one, in the playlist for sure. Hard to pick a favourite
track. Too much goodies!
Stefny / Third Ear, Archipel – Love the Tony Kasper remix thank you!
Josh Garett / Subspec – Useful cuts here.
REMAIN / Meant, Throne Of Blood, My Favorite Robot, Relish – MEANSandENDS conception remix is the one for me here. Thx
Yann Lean / Trunkline, Bedrock, KMS – MEANSandENDS & DJ Nova Remix for me. Thanks for the music.
Alex Bau / Credo – Sounds cool!
Clark Davis / DISTRICT66 / Kaputt / Wall Music / Hamburg – Nice EP… thxxx
Sky Deep / Reveller Records – Loving Glauben Der Dunkelheit MeanandEnds remix
Göran Meyer _ Live Act ( MYR ) – nice EP ! well done ! all mixes are mixed nicely!
AntiAlias / Schakal – great thanks!
Simon Foran / Toxic Recordings – Full support some amazing tracks on this ep. Thanks!
Mike Heron / BTE records, BTE podcast – great release!
Dario Girau / Habla Music – LW Recordings – Drugstore – Slowpitch – nice remix for me is “Glauben Der Dunkelheit by Tony
Kasper” Thank you!
Keira / Entail Records – Intellighenzia Electronica – Klopfer (Tony Kasper remix) for me thanks!
Nick Clarke / Eggworm – Tony Kasper mix of klopfer is great!
Gemini Brothers / Nang Records, Nein Records, Homebreakin Records, Bearfunk, Silhouettemusic – Luis Rosario Detroit version is for us! Damn it is lovely!!!
Wunderblock / Wunderblock Records – DJ Nova remix for me, thanx
Marcos in Dub / Monofunk, Highgrade, Vibe me – Good Release!!
Degray / Parse Audio – Allan Gallego’s LOFT remix is my pick here, thanks!
Aphotek / Flamingo Studios Ibiza/ Pro Audio Ibiza – Very good!
Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series – I love DJ Nova Miami Remix! Groovy!!
Werner Niedermeier / Biotop, Ayeko, Rue De Plaisance, Broque – MEANSand ENDS remix and Rosario remix for me!
Duncan Gray / Tici Taci – MEANSandENDS deception mix – YES! that’s a winner but will check out whole release. many thanks.
Tony Kasper / (BLACK NATION RECORDS, CHICAGO JAXXX, PACKED MUSIC – What a great remix package!
Billy Johnston / Sleaze, E.C.I., Tic Tac Toe, BN – Glad this is finally out! BN 4 LIFE
Leathal aka El Gato and Paul Leath / El Otro Mundo Productions, Friction Recordings, eomsessions.com Online radio, Bloo Neko Recordings – Allen Gallego and Tony Kasper’s remixes are haunting!

Press Release:
You walk into a room. Hands are in the air. The walls are wet. And those droplets, you’re pretty sure, are pulsating.

Brooklyn/Detroit (MEANSandENDS), Los Angeles (Luis Rosario), Miami (DJ Nova), Chicago/Miami (Tony Kasper)… and “KLOPFER,” some nomenclature of indeterminate Deutsche origination. More importantly, at this moment: that sweet bottom, aka the low end, that which gives life.

Wait. Wait…

You know what? One thing… Brooklyn, Detroit, L.A., Miami – it doesn’t matter what city. It’s the same room. Wherever you go to get some of this, you’re in The Black Nation. That place we go to be our truest selves. The dark – and the light. And what’s coming in your earhole, when those droplets bounce, is KLOPFER (translation: a “knocker”). Black Nation Recordings Number 830. Knock, knock… Call and response. That moment of transformation. That moment when you walked into the room and let go. And The Knock is an eight-banger release featuring four artist’s take on that same theme: the moment. Klopfer. Knock knock.

Listen. You once fell in love, and it was divine… Answer the call, walk through the door, and into the room.


Release: BNR830

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