Jay Denham – Jackulate EP

Out on: Black Nation Records


Jackulate (Original Mix)

Jay Denham

Spousal Abuse (Original Mix)

Jay Denham

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The soul of Black Nation is Jay Denham’s unparalleled vision of tomorrow, filtered through the lens of techno’s history. From his hometown, Kalamazoo, Michigan, quite literally halfway between Detroit and Chicago, Denham projects his singular sound around the globe, portraying the struggles and triumphs of those seminal dance cities in sublime, insightful sonic narratives. This year marks BN’s 20th anniversary, and well over 25 years of production for Denham. It finds him again once again breaking down boundaries to produce timeless work. His latest release, the “Jackulate EP” his an auditory journal of his personal struggle with life, music, and the optimism of an unknown future, in the Nation’s purest tradition. As always, we leave it to you to parse the relevance of the work and its implications for the future of a Nation.

1. Jackulate (6:05)
2. Spousal Abuse (6:53)


Release: BNR690

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