Fade II Black – In’Sync

Out on: Black Nation Records


In Sync (Original)

Fade II Black, Jay Denham

In Sync (Billy Johnston and Gennaro Mastrantonio Remix)

Fade II Black, Jay Denham, Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio

Insistent Rhythm

Fade II Black, Jay Denham

The Calling

Fade II Black, Jay Denham

The Calling (Reprise)

Fade II Black, Jay Denham

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Back To FADE II BLACK! Jay DENHAM re-releases IN’SYNC EP.

Detroit techno pioneer Jay DENHAM is celebrating 25 years’ anniversary since the release of the epic In’Sync EP by Transmat sub-label Fragile under the moniker Fade II Black. This all-time classic is re-released by his label Black Nation Records along with the remix by the BN artists Billy Johnston and Gennaro Mastrantonio.

1990, Detroit. Decaying atmosphere of the collapsed industry, obscure deserted streets, and discarded buildings. Yet, we can still hear the echo of machinery of the abandoned auto plants. The city is looking for its new identity. Techno community welcomes its new members. Creativity is galvanizing. From the ruins of the white pride emerges a black power generator. White nights, ramen noodles diet, gospel voice of Tramaine Hawkins and the energy of the mutual inspiration – a struggling artist Jay Denham is about to sense the future. Derrick May recognizes the rising talent and invites him to join the launch of his label Fragile. It’s time for Fade II Black Advent.

Denham’s futuristic vision and particular, ahead-of-its-time sound, gave the world In’Sync 12′, which also featured the tracks “Insistent Rhythm” and “The Calling”. “Revolution”, – predicts Anthony “Shake” Shakir. “Man, that’s scary!” – acclaim the Octave One brothers. The EP got in rotation on radio stations and instantly became a dancefloor hit at clubs.

In’Sync has been keeping up the rhythm of the future from thereon – tracks were sampled and played all over the world by dj’s and artists, such as Carl Cox, Keith Suckling and Daft Punk.

Today the timeless record is still avant-garde, considered the classic of the genre and will definitely stay inspirational for the future 25 years.

1. In Sync (6:12)
2. In Sync (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio RMX) (7:41)
3. Insistent Rhythm (4:40)
4. The Calling (5:31)
5. The Calling Reprise (3:55)

James Ruskin / Blueprint, Tresor – The Calling and In Sync!!!…..What can I say, all time greats!!!!

Franco Cinelli / Esperanza – the originals are amazing!, thanks a lot.

Barry Redsetta / Major Problems/The Twisted Pepper – Classic

Dan Curtin (Metamorphic) / Mobilee – one of the best ever, 5 outta 5 for all the originals.

Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum) / Perc Trax, Premier Sounds – Interesting project and I’ve know The Calling for years. I love the reprise version as well.

Peter Van Hoesen / Time to Express, Tresor – Great to see these classic tracks released again. My vinyl copy was getting a bit noisy.

Jonas Kopp / Curle, Deeply Rooted House – thanks

DJ Shiva / SUBterror Radio / 5 Magazine Chicago – Still fresh sounding after all these years! Nice to have digital copies! You seriously cannot mess with the bass on “In Sync”. “Insistent Rhythm”…unh those drums!

Submerge / Impact Mechanics, Mote Evolver – Fade II Black – The Calling Reprise so much you could do with this live. Thank you.

Craig Hollywood / RTRFM – To be played on specialised electronic music program Full Frequency on RTRFM 92.1 Perth Western Australia. Show is aired weekdays from 3pm til 5pm (GMT+8)

Mr.Jones / _unsubscribe_/The Public Stand/Mr. Jones – nice,.!!! thanks,.

Hollen / Agile, Deeperfect, 1605, Kling Klong, Nervous – remix is nice

Jon Asher / TiLT / Zero2Nine / Fusion Club – great stuff ! know this one well and more than thankfull for the hi:res wav ! full support & thx !

Mosca / BBC Radio 1 – In Sync is kinda weird

Madben / Astropolis Records, Bedrock, Missile 2.0, Electronical Reeds… – In sync is massive!

Gandalf / Stereo Torino – Billy & Gennaro remix for me! thks

Simon Wallace / Radio 1 91FM – Great reissue, will def be supporting the originals on shows. In Sync is awesome.

Sebastian Bayne / IF? Records – Always love BNR diversity. Thanks …

Billy Johnston / BN / TIC TAC TOE / SLEAZE – Thanks Jay & the BN family for the opportunity! 1990 in full effect – BN 4 LIFE!!!

Ben Sims / Splitmusic – seriously classic ep, not feeling the remix tbh but a re-release is a great excuse to start dropping the originals again thx!

Juho Kusti / Deep Space Helsinki, Semantica – I’ve had this classic for long now and it always delivers. thanks for the wavs.

Andrew Wowk / Pulse Radio, Inthemix.au – “Insistent Rhythm” is a proper belter!

Tony Kasper / (BLACK NATION RECORDS, CHICAGO JAXXX, PACKED MUSIC) – Great to see and hear these classics again! Proper remix by BJ and GM as well. BN4LIFE!

JAVIER ORDUNA – Woooooooooowwwwwwwww authentic music!!

Thirst4beats / Thirst4beats.com – Billy and Gennaro rmx, nice and heavy , and The Calling good sounds

Samuli Kemppi / Prologue – I’ve had Fade II Black in my bag for 20 years now. Will continue playing it. One of my all time favourite tracks.

Slam / Soma Records – love all of these thanks

Giles Armstrong / Power FM – great EP – love all the original’s. thanks!

spencer / Rekids – great to have digital versions of these- and the remix is pretty cool too ! thanks !

Kr!z / Token Records – classic! thx

Aurelio Cianciotta / Wicked Style – it’s stylish…

Fabian Birke / WOMR College Radio / BLN.FM – For radio play, thanks.

Cyprien Rose / Lui – nice classic

Electric Indigo – really like insistent rhythm! fresh!!!

Dj Bruce Lee / End of Dayz Records, Discos Paradiso – nice reissue. thanks

Radial / Audio Assault / Radial Records – like the remix most here, thanks!

Enrico Sangiuliano / Truesoul / Octopus / Alleanza / Gem / Alchemy / Herzblut – the calling reprise!

Craig McWhinney / Haul Music – Insistent Rhythm is my pick, thanks!

Last Waltz / FutureBoogie, Lets Play House, World Unknown, Is It Balearic, Ene, Endless Flight – Originals.

Andrew Duke / Andrew Duke In The Mix, WNUR 89.3 FM – Been playing Jay Denham’s Black Nation label since Day One.

Andrew Till / Machine – classic trax!

MrPaul / Emissions / Beat Vision – Absolute Classic – thnx

Keira / Entail Records – Intellighenzia Electronica – Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio remix for me…thanks!

Don Rimini / Mental Groove Records, Rise Recordings, No Brainer Records, Fogbank Records – LOVE IT SINCE A VERY LONG TIME… Is it a RE master version ?

Lee Holman – Thanks for sending.

Gel Abril / Be As One – remix is good tnx!

Gabriele Gilleri / Differentgrooves.com – supported by diferentgrooves.com

Patrik Skoog / Sample+Hold – classic

Jamie Anderson – I played the original ‘In Sync’ on vinyl loads back in the day – great to hear again!

John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl) – classic goodness.

Robert Lamart / Auxiliar / AuxD1 / 8MF – I love The Calling Reprise. Thx!

Jonathan Barnes / kzsu.stanford.edu, kzsu.stanford.edu – Billy and Gennaro always bring the goods!

Raresh (Arpiar) – nice nice . thanks

Forward Strategy Group – Classic.

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) – uummmm…. I still remember this nice Fragile release! Nice to get it on digital plus a new remix, ‘Insistent Rhythm’ was my track 20 years ago, and still.. Thanks!

Daniel Mumbling Sanchez – thank you, fade 2 black original for me!

Florian Meindl – The Calling is cool

Luca Agnelli / (Etruria Beat, Desolat, Safari, Truesoul) – thanks

Werner Niedermeier / Deep & Prod, Rue De Plaisance, Turquoise Blue – In Sync and Isistent Rhythm are my favs.

Taran + Lomov, Phonetica / www.DanceRadio.lv, Amber Muse Records, Dance Box radioshow – Original of In Sync has mad energy,

AlexxZander / Urgent FM & Big Alliance Records – great stuff

Kazu Kimura / CLR – nice to see old school is back again,love them. full support!

TrickyDisco! / EMF Mag – The Calling.

Lupen Crokan / Science Label, Cuatro Records – cool release, full support Thanks

Ximo Noguera / DensoMag, Viasound gr – amazing release, review for Denso Mag

DJ Paul Mac / Stimulus – Nice to have Wav’s of one the all time great Techno Ep’s

Âme – thanks

DVNT / Darkfloor.co.uk / Darkfloor Sound / FutureMusicFM – Feeling that In Sync remix from Johnson and Mastrantonio. Nice rhythm to it.

Edwin Oosterwal / Rejected – Wow. The Calling Reprise. Good to hear that one again. Still gives me goosebumps.

The Advent / Tresor – bomb release, classic Detroit shit right here..

Nori / Extra Music New – On promo chart

Jay Clarke / BLACKAXON, Seventh Day, Our Land Podcast, – 25 years on and still sounding great. The Calling is my favourite. Those pads!!!!

Rory St John / Stalker Radio / Subland – weirdly great!

Riyaz Khan / Diversions on chry105.5fm – Solid Sounds – will support!

Tonreport – Powerful release. Will try. Thx

Sebastian Roya (Connaisseur) – thanks

Soolee / More Than Less / Club Vurt – Billy & Genaro’s remix is top here. Thank you!

Roko (Sub.fm/B.O.M.B.) – Groovey!

CEDO / MBS+C3K / Urgent FM – Works for me!

Louk / 24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine, Eat Music FM, Digitally Imported – DI.FM – Insistent Rhythm and Billy Johnston mixes for me!

Steve Rachmad / Urban Sound of Amsterdam, 100% Pure – Nice to have this classic digitally

Pablo Demonio / Unk.fm, We Are Syndicate – Fade II Black – In Sync (Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio remix) for my radioshowl thx

Opuswerk / Krill Music / Dement3d / Plak – Interesting old school vibes here. Will try some tracks out.

Marc Brunes / MainConcept Music – Insistent Rhythm for me

Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records) – nice release will give it a proper try! thanks!

Luke Slater – classic EP, nice remix too

Anton Banks / The Vault Radio Show – Nice!

Milkplant / From 0-1 – Really feeling the remix and Insistent Rhythm. Good vibes. Thanks!

Olderic / Compost – great. Thanks!

Groof – top

Satoshi Fumi (Klik,Outerspace,Moodmusic,Plastic City) – BJ &GM remix for me.beautiful!


Release: BNR820

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