Ds and Cs – Attract the Flux EP

Out on: Black Nation Records


Attract the Flux (Original Mix)

Ds and Cs

Pressure Wave (Original Mix)

Ds and Cs

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Coming off of last summer’s album release, Attract the Flux EP is a continuation of that unique and grooving Ds and Cs sound. Attract the Flux”, is a sexy combination of minimal bouncy synths and latin flavored percussion fused with an inviting vocal designed to draw the inner dancer’s flux onto the dance floor. The track breathes throughout, leading into peaks of stabbing big room synths making this into a tech house heater. The second track in this package “Pressure Wave”, is a mixture of jackin jazzy techno that pumps into clever transitions. It sizzles energy with rising synths, that Ds and Cs flavored percussion, and a dark sexy vocal producing a wall of sound.

1. Attract the Flux (7:04)
2. Pressure Wave (6:10)


Release: BNR680

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