Defenders of the Ghetto – Garden of Eden EP

Out on: Black Nation Records


Loser (Original Mix)

Defenders of the Ghetto, Jay Denham

The Walk (Original Mix)

Defenders of the Ghetto, Jay Denham

Garden of Eden (Original Mix)

Defenders of the Ghetto, Jay Denham

Loser (MEANS Bad yoDog Edit)

Defenders of the Ghetto, Jay Denham, MEANSandENDS

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Now we’ve heard everything. Flashblack, ’98, minimal made the dancefloor jack. Fast forward, dance floor is back. 2012: Techno is traded on the NASDAQ and the white house is Black. You thought we couldn’t do this? Believe. We’ve been down this road, in different shoes. Those souls had holes; time for a new quest. Don’t call this a departure, recognize a journey. Haters gonna hate, heads just ruminate. Whatwhat You Got?

1. Loser (6:24)
2. The Walk (6:37)
3. Garden of Eden (6:15)
4. Loser (MEANS Bad yoDog Edit) (6:50)

• Markantonio (Analytictrail / Drumcode / MKT) – thanks for sending

• Steve Sai (Harmonia / Sabotage) – nice ep !!!

• Alen Milivojevic (1605 / Pornographic) – the walk is beautiful

• Sinisa Lukic (Kaseta Music) – loser remix is cool! yeaaaa

• Greg “Stryke” Chin – Really digging it. What a cool and diverse package. Really love “Garden of Eden”. Will be getting my full support! Thanks again!

• Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Inc) – I definitely enjoyed Garden of Eden and The Walk. Will support! Cheers!

• Piatto (Italo Business) – Full Support!

• Jonty Skruff – interesting, unusual stuff; downloading with pleasure!

• Toni Rios (Soap / Blufin) – loser original is a bomb. thanx

• Alex Young – Terrific! This is a Great EP no doubts

• Tony Kasper (Black Nation Records) – Forward-thinking, dirty, dirty, and most of all – QUALITY release. Every track, including MEANS remix is far beyond what has been coming out in the past years. – FULL SUPPORT!

• Juan E (Uno Records) – buenooo

• Pena (Flow Vinyl) – edit is dope.

• Dave Seaman (Audiotherapy) – the Walk is great

• Jim Masters – lovin the old school vibe of the walk

• Chris Fortier (Fade) – always dig

• Seismal D (Amazing Records / Sleaze) – nice thanks!!

• Tone Depth (Bad Pony) – Nice I like the synth stabs in “Loser”, nice texture that pulls you in.

• Tarlouf X (B:Trax / Sabotage) – nice release, will try them out

• Slam (Soma / Paragraph) – cool trax – will try out – thanx guys

• Umek (1605) – downloading.thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support!

• Q’Hey (MB Elektronics) – fantastic vocal on Loser! Good for ending my set!

• Christian Cambas (1605 / Sabotage / Greatstuff) – Loser (Original Mix) for me, will be playing

• Vazik (Sounds Of Earth) – Good to hear something different, I guess “the walk” might fit in some of my sets, thx.

• Tomy (Glazba Radio Istra) – Good release,Loser is the best track

• Richard Dinsdale (Toolroom) – What a set of wicked tracks. “Loser (MEANS Bad yoDog Edit) is great.

• Luciano (Cadenza) – thanks!

• Cristian Varela (Pornographic) – Thanks !

• Riyaz Khan (Diversions 105.5 FM) – intriguing and mesmerizing release – the left field sounds of the title cut is my fave!

• Alessio Frino (Flappers / Ovestclub) – cool

• Xpansul – Not really my style, but definitely fresh, interesting and GOOD, very good. Will play it on my radio show. Thx!

• Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt) – fat release,playing this loud!

• Stefan (Versuz Essentials) – Loser fits my sets!!

• Abe Duque – Now that’s what I’m talking about! Right up my alley. Great release.

• The Scumfrog (Glam Scum International) – Bad yoDog mix is in the radio show. Support!

• Chris Source (Underworld / Vendetta / Sprout) – nice one!

• Aldrin (OneWithMusic / Zouk ) – The Walk and MEANS edit work for me

• Michel De Hey (Hey Muzik) – at least something different! 1+2 are cool!

• David Herrero (Defected / Vendetta / Stereo) – Nice !!!, support thanks

• Gregor Zalokar (Press / Slovenia) – All three originals are really nice. Thumbs up!

• Miguel Picasso (Vendetta / Stealth / Astro) – Very good work all around! thanks!

• Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast) – Thank you.

• Sisko Electrofanatik (Neurotraxx) – coool pack! support!

• Paco Osuna (Plus 8 / Minus) – thank you

• Balthazar (Renesanz / IAMT / 1605) – nice sound, will support

• Billy Johnston (Sleaze / Blufin) – I think this can be an “AMAZING” indie dance release. This “EP” has cross-over appeal. If promoted/marketed correctly the sky is the limit. BOMB!!!!!! Love LOSER….

• Spartaque (1605 / IAMT / Supreme) – Full Support

• Shin Nishimura (Plus Records / Sleaze / Tokyo) – nice one

• Chris Stavropoulos (Insomnia / Free Radio FM) – Supporting


Release: BNR710

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