Cisco Arias – Tremo EP

Out on: Black Nation Records


Jaleo (Original Mix)

Cisco Arias

Tremo (Original Mix)

Cisco Arias

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Packed Music label boss steps up to plate with this upcoming bangin’ release. Cisco Arias, riding that band of light from mind to matter, and it matters. Bang/Repeat. From Google Glass to bump that ass, bang is black on this EP, upping your scale from fright to fail.

Do androids dream of electric bleeps? The sleeper will awake. Plug it in. Press play and wait…

Bang/Repeat. Top Dead Center. The sound grooves where the data moves. When the world gives up on the human machine, this sound makes the parallel normal. Bang/Repeat. Bang bang bang.

1. Jaleo (7:32)
2. Tremo (8:07)

Mike Humphries / Mastertraxx / Naked Lunch / Nachtstrom – tremo throbs nice

Bryan Zentz / Minus / Thoughtless / Portlandia – this is great. nice and driving. thanks!

Donnel Knox / Sonic Mind – Thanks! Nice music will play for sure!

Sean Place / Intermission Ltd. / Downtown Music Records / Prologue – Nice and dark, support!

Jeroen Search / Jeroen Search – jaleo for me

Jamie Stevens (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) – Tremo is a killer! love it.

Andrewdukecognition / Andrew Duke In The Mix – Another great release on Black Nation. Will definitely play this. Thanks.

Billy Johnston / BN / TIC TAC TOE / SLEAZE – great FUTURE & PAST sounds!!!!

Tony Kasper / Black Nation Records (USA) – Cisco delivers a great EP for Black Nation! Both tracks will be supported, love the driving basslines and dirty synths.

Nomenklatur / Swap Recordings, Tic Tac Toe Records – great release ; like the 2 tracks ; big thanks.

Martin Böttcher / Byte.fm, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiegel – good!

Ignacio Cantisano – nice!

Raphael Dincsoy / Partysan – Jaleo is dope!

DJ Mag / DJ Mag Charts, DJ Mag Germany – great work.

Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) – Tremo rocks.

Elon Admony / Clink Recordings – banger! thanks! will play 🙂

Noah Pred / Thoughtless Music – Cool techno here. thanks.

Alessio Mereu / Amam/Poker Flat/Cocoon – nice one!

Mik Santoro / Ampispazi Recordings – nice ep, Jaleo for me! thx!

Clark Davis / 3rd Wave Music / Vogelfrei Records / Hamburg – cool EP. thanks.

Xpansul / Ovum Recordings – After listening to these tracks I’d say: oh yes, I like Tech House 😉 Awesome stuff. Support!!

Jamie Behan – Great driving grooves here. Jaleo for me!

Tadeo – Tremo for me.

UZB / Unam Zetineb / (Sleaze/Enemy/Affin) – “Tremo” for me, thanks

Flug / Sleaze Records, Enemy Records, Driving Forces – I will try Jaleo, Thanks

Slam / Soma Records, Slam Radio – 2 nice trax – thanx

Terry Francis / Fabric – jaleo 4 me

John Selway (CSM) / CSM, INTERPULL – not sure, maybe Jaleo could work

Dubfire – thank you!

Benoît Carretier / Tsugi – jaleo for me

Danny Tenaglia – Thanks!!!!

Joseph Capriati (ANALYTICTRAIL,FRANKIE,CMYK,LOOSE,MINIBUS) – nice release. will try it asap! thanks

Toe / DJ mag.de – more techno but great sound

DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain – Jaleo is cool, Excellent ep. thanks

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – tremo is nice dark and groovy

Justin Berkovi / Traum/Trapez – Great production, thank you.

HORATIO / Natural Rhythm – quality techno stuff

Summer / Tulipa Recordings, Mo’s Ferry Prod., Monique Speciale – Jaleo is nice, thanks.

Outstrip / Outstrip Music Studio – both of them are cool. Jaleo for me. THanks

John Osborn (Jackoff / Tanstaafl) – quite like Tremo!

Sasha Carassi (Drumcode) – Very nice!Will support!

Alex Bau / Credo – nice bassful stuff

Liss C. / LC SERIES – I will try tremo ! Thanks.

Raphael Dincsoy / Partysan – Jaleo is dope!


Release: BNR770

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