Billy Johnston & Gennaro Mastrantonio – That’s Raw

Out on: Black Nation Records


Soft Code (Original Mix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio

That's Raw (Original Mix)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio

Infinite (Miami Version)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio

Infinite (Detroit Version)

Billy Johnston, Gennaro Mastrantonio

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Billy Johnston and Gennaro Mastrantonio once again mix up a hot pot. Raw. 100 percent organic. Ready-to-be-served, fresh to order on dance floors from Detroit to Miami, Berlin and beyond. As always, this recipe is infused with helping of sensual vocals, spectral chords and a hearty bass of four-to-the floor flavor, guaranteed to keep the 5 am crowd begging for seconds.

This pair, still steaming from a jaw-dropping marquee release on Nicole Maudober’s recently-launched Mood Records imprint, has a tour of Asia and parts beyond on their summer menu. Here’s the best news: they’re still only sharpening their cleavers for a deeper cut.

Rewind to the future. This dynamic duo has emerged from the heat of hell’s kitchen — Miami via Rome, Italia, with a new twist on the classic Detroit techo sound that’s kept Jay Denham’s Black Nation records homes fires burning for over 20 years. With a stew of hotness in the hopper for 2013 and beyond, jocks and dance floor junkies alike best not take their eyes off B&G’s kitchen. Bon Appetit.

1. Soft Code (7:26)
2. That’s Raw (8:11)
3. Infinite (Miami Mix) (8:42)
4. Infinite (Detroit Mix) (7:38)

Jorge Savoretti / Esperanza – great deep techno!

Andrew Till / Machine – stunning … ‘That’s Raw’ is one for me…

Jamie Stevens / (Bedrock/Chameleon Recordings) – nice nice nice! Detroit version does it for me as does That’s Raw… rocking!

andrewdukecognition – Black Nation keeps up the quality! Thanks.

Technasia / Technasia – soft code and that’s raw are for me

Alland Byallo / Nightlight Music, Bad Animal, Pokerflat – Feelin’ “That’s Raw”. Nice and groovy, no BS, funked out loopy techno. The Miami version of infinite is most definitely getting some rotation too. Great record! Will there be vinyl as well?

Pascal Feos – nice work, thanks.

marcsnider / Word And Sound – serious stuff! like it a lot!

Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys, Vakant, Geno – Miami version takes the cake!! wowwww

Deepchild / Thoughtless Music – wonderful, on-point, lush dub-hämmers!

Xpansul / Ovum Recordings – Dope release. Will play for sure. Loving the sexy deep vibe. Support!

Joseph Capriati (ANALYTICTRAIL,FRANKIE,CMYK,LOOSE,MINIBUS) – nice release, will try it asap.

Vince Watson / Bio Music – Detroit version is pretty sick

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) – That’s raw is a bomb thanks

Bryan Zentz ( Plus 8 ) – heavy n deep. love it. thanks!


Release: BNR760

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